Research & Advice

IBIS International & Addis Ababa University

Establishing undergraduate and graduate programme on 3D animation and multimedia

Providing technical and educational advice on implementation of a new
programme for AAU. Supporting the set up of this programme by developing an
independent center which will increase its capacity, activities and outreach in the
coming years to develop into a training and research center with various
specializations in multimedia and film.

Stratex International Plc

Livelihood development Afar region

Discussion with local communities surrounding Stratex licensing area on
sustainable livelihood, access to education and health facilities. Additional
discussions with local government, and the establishment of a network with
Mekele University, international donors and INGO´s for enforcing development
programmes for these deprived communities in this specific area.

Your report made fascinating reading and was very illuminating” - Dr. Bob Foster (CEO)

Yente Foundation

Feasibility study Women entrepreneurs

Research in 5 different regional towns of Ethiopia and Addis
Ababa on the situation of empowerment for women

Hidden World BV

Investment opportunities

Identifying different funding opportunities or
interested investors to work together on setting up a
boutique hotel in addition to a modern training
programme for hospitality management.

We are very happy with the preparatory work you did for us, it provides us with insight
in opportunities for investments towards ngo´s and other relevant organizations” –
Richard Seinstra (owner)

Muya Ethiopia Plc

Harnessing Diversity in Handicrafts Industry for 6 regions in Ethiopia

Identifying different problems in the valuechain for different traditional
handicrafts. On all these different aspects suggestions have
been provided to improve the valuechain per handicraft per
Identification and design of Living Cultural Resource Center for
the different regions in order to encapture traditional knowledge.

africa JUICE Tibila Share Company

Community Development Advisor

Household assessment, Livelihood analysis
Social Impact Assessment for IFC/Worldbank
Interim management outgrowers incubator project (700 ha smallholder farmers
to be organized in cooperatives to provide produce for the company)

Safari Lodge

Business plan

Market research and bankable financial statement as part of the
business plan. Able to obtain co-investor for expansion.

South Ethiopia Travel, Ethiopia

Business plan

Market research and bankable financial statement. Ethiopian banks accepted and
provided initial capital to start up the business.

Tarangire Bush Adventure, Tanzania

Business plan

Business management advice, marketing strategy development and financial statement for tour operator.


Feasibility study honey

Identifying different locations where a pure specific type of honey is being produced. The focus of this study was related to requirements to export the honey to Europe. Different areas of Ethiopia have been covered in the research.

Training & Workshops

Fromseas Education S.C.

Time management

Participatory course on how to manage different tasks, by prioritizing and selecting the relevance of the activities. Attention also was given on usage of mobile phones, internet and television in daily life.

Club de Madrid

Strategic planning

The G40 is a group of prominent female leaders for the 9 countries found in the Horn of Africa. Their 3 year program was to discuss different matters related to peace negotiations and participating on decision making tables for their countries and pushing women and children´s issues. In the final workshop the G40 needed to develop a regional strategic plan and per country a national strategic plan, which has been facilitated by North South Consulting through participatory approach and open space facilitation. (written recommendation available)

New Grand School

Business development advice

Support in attracting a professional expert to initiate the development of a businessplan for the future growth of the school in which additional support on analyzing the financial consequences of decisions has been worked out. With this businessplan different financing opportunities can be explored in order to attract additional investors or for commercial loan.
Another expert provided technical support and material to construct the website of the school. Currently additional support still is being provided in follow up visits and
discussions on the progress the school is making.

Yenegew Sew Education S.C.

Teacher training and management advice

A 3 month participatory course provided to improve the usage of active learning methodology for teachers at the school. Reflective teaching, time management, active learning methods, continuous assessment and professional development through portfolio management, were part of the course and 2 of the 15 teachers were trained to provide courses to the other teachers of the school.
Management advise has been provided during the training as it was possible to obtain various information on different hindering issues in order to improve quality of education.


Kitchen management

Training of local staff on European kitchen management (hygiene, using modern equipment, etc) and preparing European dishes for the management staff and guests of the company that will stay in the guesthouse.

DED - German Development Service

Gender mainstreaming analysis conducted for the Civil Peace Service Programme

Conducting a monitoring and evaluation mission for a project in Hawasa to be used as an
example for the DED Ethiopia programme on how to practically mainstream gender in all their programmes.

Networking & Recruitment


Establishing customer network

Supporting identification of potential clients, arranging appointments for first visits and promoting the innovative product that IDEA has to offer for companies working with illiterate laborers.

BMB Mott MacDonald

Recruitment Worldbank tender on social accountability, good governance.

Advertising consultancy opportunity and arrange shortlisting, selection and a competence exam as part of the first selection round.

AMR Consultants Plc

Recruitment financial staff

Arranging advertisement, content, placements and handling of responses. Shortlisting incoming responses and prioritizing candidates for interviews.

ARS Progretti

Recruitment different tenders for EU and WorldBank
(tourism, social development)

Idenitfying an appropriate partner to cooperate with in the
tourism sector. Facilitating collecting appropriate resume´s of
professionals and submitting all necessary documents to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.




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