Research and Assessments

Depending on the type of research or (impact) assessment we will have set procedures on how to undertake this in a short period of time. We are able to combine qualitative and quantitative research on an international academic level.
Within the working situation, project development or in business development there are different stages in which research and assessment can be used.

Initial research can be:

  • Feasibility study
  • Household assessment
  • Impact assessment
  • Program or project studies (to collect relevant information to initiate projects)
  • Budget analysis

Research or assessments for business and investors or for projects that are already established:

  • Mainstreaming analysis
  • Monitoring
  • Project analysis
  • Amendments
  • Impact assessment
  • Evaluation

A variety of methods are used in order to provide proper research analysis and assessment reports. In general we use documentation research, questionnaires, observations, group discussion and any other participatory tool in order to come up with comprehensive results and recommendations.

In general we work as follows:

  • Stating clear scope (what is expected).
  • Identifying length of the assignment.
  • Identifying research methods.
  • Conducting the research (e.g.  data collection, literature, observation, field work, questionnaires)
  • Reporting research findings with clear recommendations (using PowerPoint)

Organizational Services