We provide consultancy services to any type of organization, on internal and external processes. We have experience with government (Netherlands & Ethiopia), non-government (local & international) and businesses (different sectors and with worldwide connections).


During the process of supporting organizations to become more effective and efficient or to expand their activities, two different types of cycle are used in an integrated way. Within these two cycles a variety of tools will be used in order to analyze, prioritize and to provide recommendations for choices that need to be made.
The first cycle: Progressive Change

It can look like this:

  1. Analysis of the organization (e.g. vision, mission, capacity)
  2. Matching (identifying the gap between theory and practice, facilitating discussion on problem solutions)
  3. Coaching (action plan to focus the actions on different levels, provide training)
  4. Evaluation (including all stakeholders, collection of best practices, recommendations)

Alternatively, it can look like this:

  1. Analysis of the organization
  2. Data collection (including all stakeholders)
  3. Outlining the way forward (incl. budget)
  4. Presentation of report with decision making opportunities for management
  5. Final report

The second cycle: Action Research

Act, Look, Think cycle (Model: E.T. Stringer 2007) used by North South Consulting
Model: E.T. Stringer 2007

This cycle will on every level be integrated within the first cycle, but can be identified quickly. This cycle is already known in different varieties and with project cycle management.


  • Gather relevant data/information
  • Create an overview of the situation (define and describe)


  • Explore and analyze what is happening
  • Interpret and explain


  • Create an Action Plan (create priority with practical actions and agree upon this plan)
  • Implement
  • Evaluate (gathering information)

This method is also known as Action Research which issues to research practical problems in order to come up with realistic situations for these problems.
Action Research is providing opportunities to train staff members on continuing progressive actions. To create sustainability within these progressive motions, these training sessions will be more intensive for the selected staff members at the beginning, until success experiences are gathered.

Ethiopian Context

The method of Action Research is currently used in Ethiopia in different Universities and at Teacher Training Institutes in order to create solutions and provide quality of education. The models used in Ethiopia are partly based upon experiences in South Africa and Netherlands. When using the proper methodology for every problem a solution will be implemented.