Organizational Services

At North South Consulting, we provide organizational services based upon request in East Africa. Our main aim is to identify the needs of our customer and then create a plan. Based upon that we try to finalize the assignment as soon as possible. In some situations we will be able to bring in senior experts through organizations we are representing.

Our services can be categorized as follows:


With our consultancies we work based upon existing information within the organisation, identifying the problems or issues in which consultancy is needed and forwarding recommendations. We work according to the change management cycle which is a progressive change cycle in combination with action research.

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We create tailor-made training programmes, based upon the request of the customer, the topic and the organisational level. We can also conduct training on behalf of organisations. We work from individual, on-the-job training up to group training and community forums.

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We are able to deliver short and long term research that can be used for a variety of purposes (project design, business proposals, etc.). Discuss with us as to what is possible as we have a wide network of professional experts that can deliver a variety of research and assessments on short notice.

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