Educational Services

Mision: Improve educational services in general and quality of education in specific for East Africa.
Vision: Quality education for all.

NSC is having an extensive experience in quality improvement programmes in Ethiopia (HERQA, EQUIP, TESO) and is able to provide various services accordingly. Service provision ranges from KG up to University level and is focused on educational management and quality of education.

During the years of working in the educational sector, a good understanding of various educational challenges for East Africa has been formed, which will be addressed through our services.

We provide services for educational organizations, but also training sessions & workshops that can be attended by individual teachers (we are currently planning dates, but feel free to contact us for questions).

NSC is having an extensive international network in order to provide training for your staff on relevant and interesting topics. We have international and local specialists for KG, primary school, high school, colleges and for universities. These specialists will come to train your staff, support managerial issues and address any requests in order to make your organization work towards quality. We try to discuss with the Ministry of Education on corporation and on setting up a sustainable coaching programme.  

NSC is using participatory approach and is using the progresive change cycle in order to establish sustainable change for East African organization. Important is always to realize that changing processes are taking time, but a good start is half of the work.

Intervention phases are:

NSC is following intervention procedures that are transparent and will advise you based upon your best interest. The following phases are what you can expect from us.

Orientation/analysis of the situation

An introduction between the management/board of the school and the NSC managing director in order to identify the focus for the consulting services that need to be provided. We will have some conversations in which we will be able to introduce ourselves and where the organization has the opportunity to ask questions. Based upon this conversation it will be very easy to identify if the organization will benefit from the services provided by NSC. We are able to visit your organization and want to take time to listen to your issues.

The orientation is free of charge and does not oblige you to continue. All information provided from this phase onward will be treated confidentially.

Matching/selecting the approach and methodology

Based upon one or more conversations (depending on the issues raised) a methodology will be proposed to the school management and board. We will come up with a detailed plan for intervention with clearly set outputs that can be measured. Based upon this an agreement will be signed and the date of commencement will be identified.

The matching/selecting is free of charge and the proposed contract can be negotiated.


According to the contract, payments will be settled and the implementation will take place. During the implementation regular updates are provided to the management, which are agreed upon inside the contract. During implementation the NSC managing director will contact the organization to identify if the services are provided upto the expectations.

We are aware that all observations made are confidential and belong to the organization solely.


During the implementation there will be follow up conversations and a midterm evaluation, which will provide an indicator on the progress of the course. After finalization a document will be provided that will state the process and progress of the course. We will provide suggestions on follow up of the intervention. For evaluation we are using various standardized formats in order to come up with sound statements on impact, progress and effectiveness.

NSC wants to work together with your employees in order to strengthen your organization. By doing this we hope your organization will be enabled to provide a better quality, which will result in expansion of your organization.

Duration of training and its content will be done based upon your request.

It is possible to have trainings from one week, one month or even longer.
We focus on training your staff as trainers, in order to sustain our impact and minimize your expenses.

Ethiopian context

The method of Action Reasearch is currently used in Ethiopia in different universities and at Teachers Training Institutes in order to create solutions and provide quality of education. The models used in Ethiopia are partly based upon expereinces in South Africa and Netherlands. When using the proper methodology for every problem a solution will be implemented.

Example of our services for East Africa are:

Educational management advise can be on:

  • Human resource management (administrative and academic staff)
  • Expanding business (creating horizontal or vertical opportunities)
  • Contacting parents (active involvement of parents as a PR tool)
  • Alternative disciplinary measurements.
  • Conflict management
  • Child Protection Policy

On the job training can be covering:

  • Time management
  • Active learning methods
  • Curriculum development
  • Continuous assessment
  • Developing and using modern teaching materials.
  • Classroom management
  • Conversations with parents
  • Reflective teaching
  • Quality assurance
  • Classroom management
  • ICT and IT usage for classrooms
  • Making children self responsible for their learning process
  • Creating a self learning environment
  • Geneder balancing